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I help founders to answer the question: "How to organize my company?"

For international, remote, tech companies going for hyper-growth


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The Stretch, NewOrgs (Lisbon)

KASO - Konzernaustausch Selbstorganisation (Tealhive Track)

Holacracy Club Berlin (Co-Founder)

Reinventing Organizations Meetup Berlin (Co-Founder)


Organizational Development at Zalando

hired by the SVP of Tech to increasing business impact of areas and teams up to 40%, by providing organizational services & products; facilitating and co-creating Zalando’s agile transformation and hyper-growth phase: scaling Tech from 120 people to over 2.500 in 3 years & serve over 250 integrated businesses teams over the following years in various roles

Co-Building Zalando’s Future of Work Department

co-building Zalando’s Future of Work department for Agile Coaching, Self-Organization (i.e. Holacracy), Innovation, Product & Service Design, Community Facilitation providing guidance and consulting for business areas (VP Level)

Co-Founder of Zalando’s Agile Coaching Team

co-founding the Agile Coaching Team as an internal, self-organized agency; co-leading and co-developing the strategy, services and products to provide coaching at scale - 5 enterprise coaches for 250 teams in Berlin, Helsinki, Dublin and Lisbon

Enterprise (Agile) Coach

coaching Zalandos business units for 3-6 month based on Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery including co-creative diagnostics, improvement experimentation, peer-to-peer learning and workshops - mostly for units with Data Science and Machine Learning heavy products

Facilitator for Self-Organisation

guiding the founders of the digital agency "Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr (TLGG)" in the introduction of self-organization; providing a lean self-organizational framework based on teal thinking and the Holacracy constitution, co-creating and facilitating a collaborative learning journey

Sprint Master

partnering with Zalandos Innovation Lab enabling Design Sprints across the organization; co-facilitating Design Sprint Workshops & Sprint Master Classes; coach Sprint Masters

Community Manager

partnering with Zalandos Community Management to support and guide community leaders in setting up and developing new communities around product management and innovation

Founder of Zalando’s Project Management Office

founding the Project Management Office (PMO) to enable cross-team collaboration for overarching initiatives within a fast scaling tech department (+500 people per year); co-creating a framework, practices and tools based on current needs; enable project / product managers from 36 teams; guide and mentor project managers in strategic projects

Senior Project Manager

managing pilot IT projects of the E.ON group; co-developing the project management framework for the E.ON group; train and guide project managers of the business unit; two year E.ON trainee program mentored by the CTO of the local business unit

Lead Engineer

leading development teams for Lufthansa in Berlin and South Africa; delivering a mobile app for capturing facility data, digitalization and automation of business processes


co-developing automation services and parts of the CRM system, co-leading a new research and recruitment department with 20 employees (after I set them free of copying and pasting job adds to the internet - with a Perl script developed over the weekend that automates this process)